America Is Still Good, and The Cancel America Crowd Is Still Wrong

As we sort through the aftermath of this election, one thing is clear: the battle to preserve all that is good about America and to defeat the cancel America BLM Democrats hasn’t ended. No single election can be the end of that battle. We understand, as many of you...

AdamCastIRL Catches Flight from East Coast to AZ Just to Assure He Can Vote For President Trump

I just found out my registration to vote here didnt go through. I am still registered to vote in Arizona so I just booked a flight and I head out in 2 hours. I will not be having a show tonight as getting out there to vote is way more important to me. Love you all!

The Bill Bennett Show- “America Is Good” – Tom Klingenstein

Bill spoke with Tom Klingenstein about his piece where he outlines the case for voting for President Trump. You can see the full piece here:

Tom Klingenstein is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute.

Media bias alert: Imagine this was said by a transgendered black woman

….imagine if Tom – a white man – was a transgendered black woman. Imagine this transgendered black woman gave the intellectual foundation for a Biden endorsement, and that this speech was endorsed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow on its way to getting 1.6 million views. Imagine that the message was in Newsweek and Real Clear Politics, was endorsed by a leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, and was retweeted by the Biden campaign. And, finally, imagine if the press was kept well-informed of the growth of this movement from a single speech to a major national movement?

Klingenstein: Critical race theory lawsuit “racist” & “totalitarian”

President Trump understands that teaching that America is systemically racist will only increase racism. Only American ideals and justice are the remedies to racism. The President deserves credit for standing up to those who teach Americans to disdain their country, and for standing for those who believe in the rule of law, equality of opportunity, and individual liberty. 

Lil’ Wayne just endorsed Trump – and the Cancel America movement is pouncing

The Cancel America movement and Black Lives Matter can’t afford to allow black voices to unravel the left’s narrative on race and show another way—a way that believes America is Good because of the opportunities for all to succeed no matter their race.

Check out founder Tom Klingenestein’s interview with Ed Morrissey

In founder Tom Klingenstein’s recent interview with Ed Morrissey, Klingenstein shed some light on Black Lives Matter, Cancel America, and their arguments’ inconsistencies and dangers. He started off the interview with a commentary on the radical 1619 Project, which claims that America was not founded on moral principles but on racism and slavery. Morrissey and Klingenstein agreed this can only result in remaking America, not improving it.

Biden just promised to force battered women to share space with men

Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden just promised to force women’s homeless shelters to accept transgender “women” who are biologically male.

It’s not just Maine – America is not systemically racist

Republican Senator Susan Collins recently got in trouble with the Cancel America media for defending the people of Maine as not racist. “ I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in the state of Maine,” she said, adding that “we are very fortunate in the state of Maine because we have terrific members of law enforcement.”….
Klingenstein urges Americans to recognize the Cancel America movement for what it really is, praising such moves as Trump’s Executive Order against racist “white privilege” trainings. As he told PJ Media yesterday, “The President deserves credit for standing up against this deeply entrenched industry and for standing up for America’s systemically just traditions of race-blind equality of opportunity and individual liberty — that all Americans are equal under the law.”

Trump is the pro-religion candidate in 2020

The Trump administratin has defended religious liberty for the past four years, undoing the Johnson Amendment to allow pastors toe exercise their First Amendment rights and fighting to end Obamacare mandates that force businesses and religious institutions to violate the tenets of their faith. In contrast, a Biden Administration would force faith-based organizations like The Little Sisters of the Poor to provide abortion-inducing drugs and devices.

The coming election is not about the personalities, or even about character.  The election is not at root about particular policies, either foreign or domestic  (though some of these are consequential).  Nor is the election about the coronavirus or the riots, though undoubtedly these will play a role.

The election is about the character of America: Specifically is America a good country or a bad country.  I think Republicans should frame the election just this way.  They need to remind the American people that on November 3rd they will choose between a man, Trump, who thinks America is good and a man, Biden, who is controlled by a party that thinks America is bad.  President Trump gives us a chance to preserve the American way of life; Biden likely will be party to its destruction.

As has been clear for some while, the Democratic party has been taken over by its radical wing, let’s call it the “BLM wing.”   The rest of the party goes along. Joe Biden is one of the go-along Democrats.

We know what the BLM slash Democrats want.   They have told us much of their agenda and what they have withheld (because it still sounds too radical) we can infer from their purpose.  They want reparations, endless affirmative action, genuine socialism, open borders, hassle-free abortions, gun confiscation, transgender everything, and they want destroy, or radically restructure, those institutions that teach the values and principles that undergird the American way of life:  family, education, religion and community life.

From their perspective, these things are necessary in order to turn America from a bad country into a good one.

Their goal is not to improve American way of life but to remake it.

The traditional American way of life is built on individual rights.  The government’s role in this regime is to create the conditions necessary for free exercise of these rights.  The BLM-Democrat regime, on the other hand, is built on group rights and identity politics.  Government’s role is to ensure that all groups have equal wealth and power.  This requires both a massive redistribution of wealth and power and new principles and values.

As is patently clear, this new society can only be imposed by a tyrannical government.  We are in the midst of a revolution.

To lay the foundation for the revolution, the BLM-Democrats must, above all else, do two things.  First, they must convince us that America is racist.  And sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamaphobic, and all the rest.  In other words, the revolutionaries must convince us that America is bad.  If they convince us that we are bad then, out of guilt, we will accept their revolutionary policy agenda.

The second thing the BLM-Democrats must do, is silence those who say America is good. Shutting up dissenters is the key to any tyranny. Killing dissenters works but shaming them, and inflicting other forms of “soft” intimidation, works just as well.

If the BLM-Democrats must convince us that America bad and shut up those who disagree, then it is imperative that we on the Right speak up and proclaim America’s goodness.

This, not policies or personalities, ought to be our focus.

The BLM-Democrats and their cultural allies, teach the America-is-bad narrative in all the major institutions of American life: schools, government, major corporations, media and entertainment.  They teach us that our past is racist.  They teach us that national borders and colorblindness are racist,  that the Constitution is racist and that to call America “exceptional” is racist.   In BLM’s world, anything that supports traditional American values and principles is considered racist, or more broadly, unworthy.

We cannot preserve the American way of life if enough us come to believe that America is unworthy.  Why would we want to preserve something that is unworthy? Why would anyone be will be willing to die for a unworthy country?   The questions answer themselves.

Trump recently issued two executive orders that were designed to stop teaching that America is unworthy, one of these orders is aimed at employees in administrative agencies, the other at school children.

Whatever their ultimate effect, they signal that the President understands that we cannot continue to teach our children to hate their country.  If Trump gets a second term likely he will try to withdraw federal funds from educational institutions that teach Americans to hate their country.

If, on the other hand, Biden is elected, he likely will do the opposite: he will withdraw federal funds from educational institutions that do not teach the America-is-bad narrative.  He will countermand Trump’s executive orders the first chance he gets.

Teaching that America is bad is the single most dangerous thing the BLM-Democrats can do, because it unlocks everything they want to do.

Does Biden really believe America is bad?  No, he does not.  And yet, if elected he will smuggle the BLM wing of the Democratic party inside the White House. And that wing most decidedly believes America is bad.

Biden now frequently calls America “systemically racist”. Though he does not realize it, he is calling for the overthrow of the American way of life.

We should be clear—much clearer than we are– the charge of “systemic racism” is a call to overthrow the American way of life.  For if racism is systemic, built into all institutions of American life; if it is in our DNA, then the system must be overturned.  This conclusion seems to me inescapable.

Of course, in today’s climate it is not easy to say that America is not racist or the police are not racist.  If you do, you are likely to be accused of being a racist yourself.  You may even lose your job.

Despite the risks, some people do try to speak up.  But  traditional and social media, which is dominated by a handful of like-minded Tech giants, have become increasingly inhospitable to conservative views.

Heather Mac Donald, as some of you know, is a fearless defender of the police.   Heather’s defense of the police is particularly important because the charge that America is systemically racist has largely been built on the claim that the police are systemically racist.  If it turns out that the police are not racist, as Heather argues, then the larger claim begins to crack. Thus, it is critical for the BLM-Democrats and their allies to silence Heather.

Recently, YouTube removed one of her speeches because she argued that the police are not racist. Heather and friends have influence and they successful lobbied YouTube to reinstate the video but when it reappeared it carried a warning.  Heather’s speech, said YouTube, was not suitable for minors.  Think about that for a second, our cultural elites believe our children should not see anything that suggests the police are not racist.

In her reporting Heather cited a Michigan State professor whose research shows that police are actually less likely to kill blacks once all the relevant factors, including crime rates, are controlled for.  As should have surprised no one, a woke mob forced the researcher to withdraw his study and his administrator to resign.   I think it is safe to say that it will become impossible—it is already nearly impossible– to conduct or publish academic research that might end up supporting the police.

If there is no such research, then the police-are-racist narrative will be allowed to stand. That, in turn, will solidify the America-is-racist narrative.  And that will cause the country to fall. Simplified? Yes … but not by much.

Heather is brave enough to write another book on the police.  If she does, it is doubtful that any mainline publisher will publish it.   That’s OK as long as Amazon will carry the book.  But Amazon is no longer reliable.  For example, it refused to carry books on the coronavirus that offered views contrary to those of Dr. Fauci.

Could Heather’s book be banned outright by the government?  It would not be necessary.  If it’s not carried by Amazon and the other major booksellers, if it is reviled as “racist trash” (you can count on that), kept out of institutions of higher learning (count on that too) ignored by the press (ditto) then official banning is not necessary. When elite culture is as ideologically monolithic as it now is the so-called private sector can do much of the dirty work.

It’s quite clear that in a second term Trump will go after the Tech giants: Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  He will try to get oxygen to those on the right.  It’s equally clear that a Biden administration will assist in further suffocating the right.

One reason the public is afraid to speak up is that their leaders are not speaking up.  If it is the goal of the BLM-Democrats to convince us that America is bad, then it is the role of our Republican leaders to remind us that America is good.

Frankly, it is not complicated.

Republicans must stand up and say “No. America is not racist.” Period.  At the same time Republicans must point out that BLM is racist, it does not care about black lives (or any lives), and that it stands foursquare against the American way of life.   In this politically correct environment, such things are difficult for a politician to say. I get it. It’s risky.  But being a leader is risky.

Trump is the only leader on the national stage who is not afraid to stand up to political correctness.  He expresses often and proudly his commitment to America. He does so without qualification.  He pulls no punches.  He never apologizes for America’s past.  President Trump knows that America is exceptional and that’s the way he wants to keep it.

At that is why– at this moment when we are being told from morning to night that we are bad—Trump is such a godsend.

And why we must support him—unequivocally. Thank you very much.