America Is Still Good, and The Cancel America Crowd Is Still Wrong

As we sort through the aftermath of this election, one thing is clear: the battle to preserve all that is good about America and to defeat the cancel America BLM Democrats hasn’t ended. No single election can be the end of that battle. We understand, as many of you...

AdamCastIRL Catches Flight from East Coast to AZ Just to Assure He Can Vote For President Trump

I just found out my registration to vote here didnt go through. I am still registered to vote in Arizona so I just booked a flight and I head out in 2 hours. I will not be having a show tonight as getting out there to vote is way more important to me. Love you all!

The Bill Bennett Show- “America Is Good” – Tom Klingenstein

Bill spoke with Tom Klingenstein about his piece where he outlines the case for voting for President Trump. You can see the full piece here:

Tom Klingenstein is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute.

Media bias alert: Imagine this was said by a transgendered black woman

….imagine if Tom – a white man – was a transgendered black woman. Imagine this transgendered black woman gave the intellectual foundation for a Biden endorsement, and that this speech was endorsed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow on its way to getting 1.6 million views. Imagine that the message was in Newsweek and Real Clear Politics, was endorsed by a leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, and was retweeted by the Biden campaign. And, finally, imagine if the press was kept well-informed of the growth of this movement from a single speech to a major national movement?

Klingenstein: Critical race theory lawsuit “racist” & “totalitarian”

President Trump understands that teaching that America is systemically racist will only increase racism. Only American ideals and justice are the remedies to racism. The President deserves credit for standing up to those who teach Americans to disdain their country, and for standing for those who believe in the rule of law, equality of opportunity, and individual liberty. 

Lil’ Wayne just endorsed Trump – and the Cancel America movement is pouncing

The Cancel America movement and Black Lives Matter can’t afford to allow black voices to unravel the left’s narrative on race and show another way—a way that believes America is Good because of the opportunities for all to succeed no matter their race.

Check out founder Tom Klingenestein’s interview with Ed Morrissey

In founder Tom Klingenstein’s recent interview with Ed Morrissey, Klingenstein shed some light on Black Lives Matter, Cancel America, and their arguments’ inconsistencies and dangers. He started off the interview with a commentary on the radical 1619 Project, which claims that America was not founded on moral principles but on racism and slavery. Morrissey and Klingenstein agreed this can only result in remaking America, not improving it.

Biden just promised to force battered women to share space with men

Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden just promised to force women’s homeless shelters to accept transgender “women” who are biologically male.

It’s not just Maine – America is not systemically racist

Republican Senator Susan Collins recently got in trouble with the Cancel America media for defending the people of Maine as not racist. “ I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in the state of Maine,” she said, adding that “we are very fortunate in the state of Maine because we have terrific members of law enforcement.”….
Klingenstein urges Americans to recognize the Cancel America movement for what it really is, praising such moves as Trump’s Executive Order against racist “white privilege” trainings. As he told PJ Media yesterday, “The President deserves credit for standing up against this deeply entrenched industry and for standing up for America’s systemically just traditions of race-blind equality of opportunity and individual liberty — that all Americans are equal under the law.”

Trump is the pro-religion candidate in 2020

The Trump administratin has defended religious liberty for the past four years, undoing the Johnson Amendment to allow pastors toe exercise their First Amendment rights and fighting to end Obamacare mandates that force businesses and religious institutions to violate the tenets of their faith. In contrast, a Biden Administration would force faith-based organizations like The Little Sisters of the Poor to provide abortion-inducing drugs and devices.

Another week, another case of someone having to apologize for saying something completely normal on Twitter. This time, “someone” was the Girl Scouts of America, who made the mistake of celebrating Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. After countless angry responses, the Girl Scouts’ account deleted the tweet and covered their tracks with a half-hearted statement about remaining “nonpolitical” and “nonpartisan.”

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a woman, and becoming a Supreme Court justice is an impressive accomplishment. (Be careful – this statement may also get you canceled.) The Girl Scouts exist to empower women and celebrate their achievements. But Barrett is a conservative woman, so it’s perfectly acceptable for left-wing politicians like Rep. Ayanna Pressley to call her “the antithesis of justice” and blast the Girl Scouts for “uplifting” her. And people like Rep. Pressley hold more sway over America’s culture than people who believe that America elevates accomplished, principled people like Justice Barrett.

This is why just pointing out left-wing hypocrisy isn’t enough. Telling liberals that they need to play by their own rules and respect all women’s accomplishments doesn’t affect them because they’re playing by different rules altogether. To the left, America is fundamentally evil. Anyone who disagrees with that, or doesn’t agree with it enough, is the enemy. Justice Barrett clearly doesn’t believe that America is evil: she respects our Constitution and has spent her career upholding it. So “owning” liberals by pointing out that she’s a woman isn’t enough – conservatives and moderates need to make an overwhelming case that America is good, and that people like Justice Barrett make it that way.

Don’t play the left’s game – reject it entirely. Liberals will always work twice as hard to shut down someone like Justice Barrett because she refuses to identify as part of a victim group. If conservatives and moderates don’t make it impossible for the left to cancel people for their political views, they will allow the left to cancel America itself.